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About us

About us

  Korea’s logistics industry has achieved externally outstanding growth since the start of logistics-specialized companies’ history of freight forwarder in 1984.

Now, after 3 decades since that time, we established CLK International Co., Ltd. to respond to the demand that innovation and qualitative change of logistics industry is required.

CLK International Co., Ltd provides all services related to logistics from basic export/import via air and sea to customs clearance, transportation, storage, bulk, 3PL and trade agency.

Also we share optimized logistics system operation and cost saving know-how through this with client companies through consulting service. 

We will lead a new start along with client companies and cooperative companies who were with faith, excellent partners in each country of the world, and executives and staff members who have specialized know-how accumulated for over 10 years.

We promise to grow in the future as a general logistics company who leads 21st century, working together with companies who have infinite potentials and competitiveness.



All of managers and employees in CLK International Co., Ltd.