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3PL Service

CLK International provides a advanced one-step logistics solution to customers ranging from corporate logistics diagnosis to consulting based on its accumulated logistics knowhow, presenting the optimal logistics solution in order to enhancecorporate competitiveness.


There are more and more external commission requests in the logistics sector for the purpose of injecting management resources into core competence sectors such as sales, planning, production, and sales as a part of management strategy.


CLK International believes that its 3PL service contributes to improving productivity on a fast and efficient basis.


Unlike the existing logistics that separately subcontracts transport or storage, 3PL service enables designing, managing and operating logistics affairs that support customers’ SCM on a comprehensive basis.



CLK International has considered the 3PL businesses as its business strategy, providing integrated services in the whole logistics sector ranging from customer factors to final delivery.      

CLK International supports customers to realize low-cost but high- efficiency logistics as their win-win business partner.