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Project/Bulk Cargo


CLK International;

We are providing the maximum service of accurate and safe transportation on time with reduction of distribution expenses upon the commission of all plant schedules and distribution operations including product manufacturing, transportation, construction, construction plan, final implementation and so on for bulk/project argoes from client’s large scale production facilities and particular construction plan. 


CLK International is providing bulk/project cargo transportation service with integrity and trust for machinery, large cargo, cars, heavy equipments of construction, weighty/major axis/long cargo, grains, crude oil, harzardous materials and so on.


Taking into account the characteristics of bulk/project cargo such as plant cargo, Sejoo International has developed an optimum transportation mode for the whole route of transportation including the local customs legislations at the shipping and destined places (tax refund, exemption etc.), land, maritime transportation, transportation obstacles etc. and provides one-stop distribution service for clients.


In particular, CKL International is providing tailoed service by providing swift and economic “Hish Quality Sea Trans” in accordance with the characteristics of client’s special aiviation/maritime cargo with much experience and know-how of large scale Plant cargo.


CLK International is carrying out swift and accurate transportation plans from the early stage to the completion date of Plant cargo by preventing all potential problems through close partnership with the personnel at the shipping and destined places and through detailed and thorough cargo tracing system to meet client’s requests.


CLK International promises to provide competitive fare and thorough follo-up control by rich international experience of bulk/project cargo and the know-how of domestic ground transportation.